more?! is organized by students of the ÖSM – Christians at University Graz, which are part of the worldwide student network IFES. We are non-commercial as well as politically independent and organize events like more?! in our spare time – by students and for students.

Who we are

We are a group of students at the universities in Graz from different fields.

In our opinion, the question of God is far too relevant to be disregarded. We do not settle for either superficial or learned answers but want to satisfy the university demand for researching the reality.

What unites us is neither a church nor a confession, no dogmas or rules, but a person:

I came so that they have life and have it in abundance.


We have personally experienced that there is more behind the historical person of “Jesus” than a moral, idealistic or revolutionary mastermind. He promises to satisfy the hunger for life. Do you know this hunger? Then let us search together…

Get to know us

Are you looking for fellowship with Christian students? Then join us for our regular meetings! We meet weekly for prayer breakfast as well as the ÖSM group meeting (Bible study, worship, prayer night, etc.). As friends, we spontaneously spend spare time together, meet to play frisbee, eat, hike, watch movies, etc.

For more info just check out our website or visit us on Instagram: