More than a usual uni week

What can you expect during the week from 21st to 24th of October 2019? Good food, caffeine-containing hot beverages and exciting disputes on matters of faith. All of course for free, but hopefully not in vain đŸ˜‰
The video recordings are online.
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What do you serve for a free lunch? Exactly, a look over the rim of a teacup with short talks: More than blind faith ?! More than chance ?!

No registration, come and check it out!
Monday and Wednesday

Coffee & Chat

Freshly brewed coffee, for free. You want more? Challenge others and be challenged – speak with Christian students of Ă–SM Graz.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Evening Talks

Not relevant for the exam but vital: Ever thought about big life questions? Four evening talks with Q&A offer answers and room for questions.

No registration!
Monday till Thursday

More …

… than blind faith?!Monday
… coffeeMonday
… than science?!Monday
… coffeeTuesday
… than work?!Tuesday
… than chance?!Wednesday
… to life?!Wednesday
… coffeeThursday
… than suffering?!Thursday