Here we have compiled some resources that summarize typical arguments for the resurrection from a Christian perspective. They can serve as a starting point for your well-founded fact check, but do not claim to be exhaustive.

Main evidence at a glance

From a scientific and historical point of view, is there also evidence that speaks for the resurrection of Jesus? Many others have asked this question before us and have examined its credibility. This short video summarizes the main historical arguments in favor of the resurrection.

40-minute fact check

Are you already reading enough for your studies anyway? Then you can look at the key points here in the form of a YouTube video – from the perspective of a computer science student.

“The Resurrection Factor”

Witnesses, executions, burials, possible alternative explanations – a meticulous detective task. Josh McDowell investigated the case of the ressurection as a skeptic, because he was tired of the fact that many of the people around him have bought into this supposed madness:

After more than 1000 hours of studying this subject and thoroughly investigating its foundation, I was forced to the conclusion that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is either one of the most wicked, heartless, vicious, hoaxes ever foisted upon the minds of men, or it is the most fantastic fact of history. It is either history’s greatest delusion or the greatest miracle that history records.

Josh McDowell

Josh McDowell now testifies to the credibility of the Bible in lectures worldwide. What convinced him to completely change his mind? His book “The Resurrection factor” is particularly suitable for students and all logically-rational people.

Eyewitness accounts

For an informed fact check, it is a good idea to analyze the main sources of the resurrection story of Jesus. Four reports have come down to us that were either written directly by eyewitnesses (Matthew and John) or by people who questioned eyewitnesses (Mark and Luke). Here is a list of selected passages from these reports:

The crucifixionGospel of Matthew 27, 26-50
Gospel of Mark 15, 21-39
Gospel of Luke 23,23-47
Gospel of John 19, 16-30
Die entombmentGospel of Matthew 27, 57-65
Gospel of Mark 15, 42-47
Gospel of Luke 23, 50-55
Gospel of John 19, 38-42
The empty tombGospel of Matthew 28,1-10
Gospel of Mark 16,1-8
Gospel of Luke 24,1-12
Gospel of John 20,1-10
The apparitions of the risen OneGospel of John 21
Acts 2,22-36
Reports from those in doubtGospel of Luke 24,13-35
Gospel of John 20,24-29
Reports from the Bible according to the English Standard Version (ESV)